Escort Marbella Maria

Escorts Maria Marbella

I am Maria, a 24 year old Malagueña girl, I am a seductive escort in Marbella. I love the game of seduction. Look at you, smile, approach you, start undressing with my eyes and continue to do it slowly with my hands. Those who know me affirm that I am funny, adventurous, I like the party but also I look for that time of daily tranquillity and I find it in the sport. I am addicted to yoga and pilates and this makes me stay in shape and have the type I have. I have a natural breast size 85, that is, it is relatively small, but it is perfect, nice and very well fitted. Everyone tells me that I can’t even think of an operation. I like kissing, caressing, just like I am a seductive escort in Marbella, I am also very passionate and fun, this I will show you when we see each other. On the subject of sex I have no taboos, I love to see you enjoy a golden rain, or if you want we can play with my erotic toys or I can wear my most precious sets of lingerie and clothing to have a romantic dinner and perfect. As I know that I am funny and smiling, I am ideal to go on a trip with you. Do not hesitate, meet me once and you will see that you want to be with me longer. I will be your friend, lover and whatever you want. I love doing sports, helps me connect with myself. I have a hard body, everything is in place. I have the chest of perfect size and shape, round and in place. Since last year I am studying nutrition and sport. I think it is essential for life, to feel good in all aspects. Living a healthy life is proven to make you feel good. Call me and ask for me, you will repeat for sure.

Hi my loves I am an included and tender lady that I like to appreciate sex, your optimal sweetheart, enticing and enthusiastic, I need to appreciate with you sex and the delight of climax, I get you in my attentive condo. My administrations



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